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Top 5 the best shopping countries in Europe!
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Top 5 the best shopping countries in Europe!

Where do you use to go for shopping? If you can not decide where to go, we will help you to make this choice, so we prepared a list with the best shopping countries in Europe!


An unforgettable country, the birthplace of popular brands and real fashion. Italy can’t be imagined without modern shops. The capital of the fashion country is Milan. A wonderful journey through the main cities of Italy – Rome, Florence and the popular Milan, will be beautifully combined with pleasant shopping tourism. Italy is a country of beautiful architectural structures and natural resources. Everyone likes discounts. In Italy they are called Saldi, which starts from January to July. At this time, the price of clothing is very low, but we must bear in mind that such cheap things will not last long on the shelves. You’ll have to hurry up, because your favorite brand, that you are dreaming, can be bought  by someone else.



A beautiful country with capital in Madrid. Spain amaze us with its beauty, elegance and architectural places. This country represent something gentle and at the same time fast, lightning, we can talk about the famous folk dances, such as, flamingos and bolero. There you can very profitably buy clothes, jewelry, famous Spanish wine and delicious cheese. And yet, despite the variety of shops and boutiques, don’t ignore the outlet La Roca Village outlet. There you can find the cheapest clothes and from famous brands. So how do you think, where is the best shopping in Spain? Of course, in Madrid and Barcelona!


Country of fashion, elegance, style, it is certainly created for shopping tourism. Paris is the legendary capital, in which are concentrated the main modern boutiques and shops. In France, twice a year are the best sales, you can save up to 70% of your budget for shopping. Every person, that are coming to this country is overwhelmed by its charm, they won’t resist to such prices and a huge selection of exclusive fashionable things. Where is the best shopping in France? In the beautiful capital – Paris!

THE United Kingdom

Over the last years, London has become almost the world’s main trading capital. There is nothing surprising about this – you can take a walk along the famous Bond Street, take a look at the legendary Piccadilly and Oxford Street where you’ll see a variety of different shops. It also has a lot of shopping centers like Debenhams, John Lewis, Fenwick, Selfridges, Harrods … and this list goes on and on. Ancient boutiques and designer boutiques, gift shops and perfume shops, it’s just a small part of what we can find in London.


In Vienna, you can enjoy not just a delicious strudel and listen to the opera, but also make a unbelievable shopping. The city seems to be full of shopping centers, which are completing in a special way with the city’s architecture. The main shopping centers in Vienna are the famous “Stefl” universal shop, where the products of the most famous producers in the world are assembled; the shopping streets of Kärntner Straße and Ringstrasse, with a lot of shops and an old central Nachtmarkt square.

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